Rules of Play at Medieval Mayhem


We want your visit to be as comfortable and safe as possible and we are continuing to follow the Government Guidance and have the following rules in place currently at Medieval Mayhem:

  • Bookings should be made online, this enables us to control capacity to restricted levels. Your personal details will be kept in line with GDPR guidelines and destroyed after 21 days.
  • You will receive an email confirmation of your booking and this should be brought with you on the day of your booking either printed out or on your mobile device
  • We are still limiting some capacity and would recommend pre booking to ensure availability
  • Each area of the frame is limited by capacity and therefore we reserve the right to prevent access until capacity reduces.
  • To ensure availability and cleanliness to everyone who books, we do need to enforce the time limits on these tables and any overstay will not be allowed as we need the full allocated time of 30mins between sessions for cleaning
  • As we work these sessions on a capacity basis, we are unable to refund pre-paid tickets – but at Managers Discretion we may be able to move them to another day if there is space.
  • Please ensure that your child only plays in the age appropriate area.
  • Please ensure you use the Hand Sanitizer on entry to the centre, entry and exit of the frame and after any other physical contact.
  • Late arrival for your session, does not result in a late finish to your session, the end time must remain in place as there will be cleaning that needs to be performed afterwards.
  • You will be allocated a table, please do not move tables around the centre as we have arranged them as per bookings.
  • We are a children’s centre so we will not tolerate bad language, aggression or confrontation towards our staff or other visitors and anyone displaying this will be asked to leave the centre and blocked from re booking.
  • We ask that any problems or concerns that you have whilst at the centre is addressed at the time with the Duty Manager, we want you to be happy and we want you to be comfortable so please do speak to the staff
  • Any bookings unable to be fulfilled due to closure of the centre regarding a local lockdown will be refunded, however if the centre is open during a local lockdown and you choose not to attend this would not be refunded, however at the Managers discretion we may be able to relocate your booking to another date.