Terms and Conditions for Photo Sharing


We are asking customers to share the fun and enjoyment of a visit to Medieval Mayhem with us to help us create a new gallery and give new customers an idea of what to expect

We really appreciate anyone that does offer to share with us and for any photos that we use we will give the child/children in the photos a great gift as way of a thank you, but want to make you aware of the following possible use of the photos:

  1. Photos could be used in our Gallery on our website
  2. Photos could be used in promotional material such as adverts, leaflets and Facebook posts
  3. Photos could be used in other promotional items not listed above

If you would like to discuss the use of your photo prior to sending it then please contact us via Facebook messenger or via email: scott@medievalmayhem.co.uk – photos can also be sent via these 2 mediums

Many thanks for everyone taking part, we really appreciate it

Scott and Karen